Planning and Development Law

Planning laws can be very complex.

Shore Lawyers are experienced in advising and representing clients within the jurisdiction of the NSW Land and Environment Court.  We assist corporations and individuals involved in planning or environmental law disputes by:

  • having a robust and cost effective litigation strategy;
  • tapping into our network of technical experts and leading barristers to ensure our clients have access to appropriate resources so as to achieve the best outcome.

However, to save significant costs of litigating development application disputes in the Land and Environment Court, we recommend that you position yourself for success in your development application process by engaging Shore Lawyers at the stage of preparing your DA for submission to the local government authority (Council or JRPP).

At Shore Lawyers, we have the expertise and the experience to assist you to prepare your development application in compliance with the applicable development controls by engaging the right experts, properly scoping their brief, seeking timely deliverables and engaging with the local council officers. If you choose your own experts, like traffic engineers, view consultants, architects and town planners etc., Shore Lawyers can effectively scrutinise their work and ensure that nothing is outside of the scope, where risk is not being managed.

We would like to assure you that your development application / DA approval process can run much smother with engagement of competent legal advisors right at from the initiation of the application.

Experienced in all aspects of civil litigation, we can also help you resolve issues with the local council if it mishandles the development application process and you end up with a DA refusal as a result.

We also help clients work with circumstances where council has given you adverse notices under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (NSW) 1979. 

Please feel free to Contact Shore Lawyers to arrange for your initial consultation.