We care, We Listen, We Act

We Care about our clients and the community, We Listen to our clients’ problems and concerns, paying attention to the most minute details and We Act in the best interest of the clients within the judicial ambit.

We are experienced civil litigators, with practice focused on commercial litigation, deceased estate administration and claims, family law and planning law.  Our knowledge of what issues give rise to legal disputes and the approach the courts take to their resolution give us an edge over other lawyers in all aspects of legal practice.

With all matters, we aim to identify and resolve the issues that increase the risk of litigation in the future.

Our objective is to provide quality advisory and consultancy services to clients from the start-up phase so as to structure things to minimize the risk of claims and, in an unfortunate eventuality of a lawsuit, to have our clients in a strong position. Whether it is business-to-business contracts, end user agreements, commercial leases, binding financial agreements (including so called pre-nuptial agreements), parenting or property division orders, divorce applications, drafting wills or administering estates, we aim to have the ground covered to ensure clients’ risks are managed.

In Planning Law we engage from very early stages with the development application (DA) process to enable a successful outcome or at the very least mitigate, manage and advise clients of the ongoing risks. The objective is to minimise the need to go through expensive land and environment court appeals on a DA refusal.

The overarching goal is to setup clients successfully from ground up, to manage legal risks and to provide cost effective quality legal services when litigation is inevitable.

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