Buying a business or Selling a business


We see ourselves as an extension of your business, while maintaining the objectivity to ensure the best opportunities are captured, and the risks are identified and mitigated. Put simply, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

We shape our support model such that we compliment your skills and experience, whether that be personally or organisationally. From comprehensive legal support, identifying the regulatory issues, and coordinating appropriate due diligence around your counterparty, we seek to ensure you are resourced correctly.

Buying a Business

Our comprehensive approach addresses important matters that decrease your risks and ensure you are free to operate your new business with confidence. You choose the support level you require in your particular circumstances. While some of these matters are not purely the domaine of Legal Advisory, we can ensure the right external support considers these important matters.

Contract Reviews – Including the Business Contract of Sale and other contracts and agreements, such as customer contracts, supplier agreements, and leases to identify any unfavorable terms or obligations, and importantly identify any areas for optmisation.

Legal and Regulatory – We review the operation to ensure the business meets various legal obligations and regulator – driven requirements.

Employee and HR Matters – We review the workforce, employment contracts, and HR policies. Understand the employee culture and potential matters of concern.

Intellectual Property and Assets – We confirm ownership of intellectual property, patents, trademarks, and other assets crucial to the business.

Financial Due Diligence – We work with an appropriately skilled accountant to assess the financial health of the business, including its assets, liabilities, cash flow, and profitability. We look for any hidden financial issues.

Valuation – We work with an appropriately skilled valuer to determine the fair market value of the business, considering factors such as earnings multiples, industry benchmarks, and future growth potential.

Customer and Supplier Relationships – We analyse the quality of customer relationships and supplier agreements and assess the risk of losing key customers or suppliers.

If you’re selling your business

Contract For Sale of Business – We prepare the contract to ensure your position is optimised with respect to any warranties, release of proceeds, earn out provisions, and a range of matters that can ensure you are protected both during and after the sale process.

Confidentiality – We maintain confidentiality throughout the Due Diligence and other selling processes to prevent disruptions in the business and protect sensitive information.

Tax Considerations – We work with an appropriately skilled accountant to ensure the deal structure optimises your tax related obligations.

Negotiation and Closing – We engage in negotiations with potential purchasers to reach an optimal outcome ensuring a well-structured sale process and a smooth closing.

Financial Preparation – We work with an appropriately skilled finance professional to ensure your financial records are accurate and up to date. Well structured, explainable and credible financial reports will increase the marketability of your business.

Business Valuation – We work with an appropriately skilled finance professional to determine the asking price for your business based on its financial performance and market conditions and risk profile.

Customer and Employee Transition – We help you develop a plan for transitioning customers and emplovees to the new owner to minimise business disruption.

Post Sale Transition – We assist you in your planned transition period after the sale to help the new owner succeed.

Our Professionals

Our professionals provide expert legal and strategic assistance.
Get in touch and we’ll assist you to find the right lawyer for your matter.
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Tatiana (Tia) Stack
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Rao Qasim Zahid
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Yoata Stavropoulos

Hear From Our Clients

Great expertise

Tatiana’s knowledge and expertise in setting up trusts was superb, she attended to all the details and captured our requirements in the clauses of the deed. We are very grateful for Tatiana’s prompt attendance to our case and setting up the suitable structure to handle our family investments.

Liliya Bayazitova

Quality legal services and great results

My experience with Tatiana and the team was fantastic. They provided me with an exceptional outcome and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to get quality legal services and great results.

Cameron Kelsey

Highly recommended

The whole team very good and very fast with any dealing, highly recommended.

Darragh Maher

Never had a better experience

The lawyers guided me through the entire process. I will only recommend Shore Lawyers as I have never had a better experience and result as I have with this firm. I will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands.

Lydia Tanios

Easy to reach and communicate with

Tatiana has been our family lawyer for over 5 years and have helped us with numerous real estate related transactions, strata and family law. Always on point, easy to reach and communicate with. Definitely a lawyer that looks after her clients!

Anastasija Khomenko

Efficient, knowledgeable and cost-conscious attorney

Tatiana is smart, cost-conscious, efficient and really knows her area of law. She helps you not to waste hers which saves you money. I found her to be very professional and supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and someone you can talk to at any time.

Aman B

Highly recommend

They are knowledgeable, helpful and very efficient. They have assisted in matters relating to property purchases as well as commercial leases and have acted swiftly in all matters.

Krystal Petros

High level of professionalism

The high level of professionalism and the well-coordinated work of the company impressed me with the level of winning cases, the individual approach to each person seeking legal assistance left no doubt in my soul that this is one of the best law firms in Sydney.

Ivan Bots

Very professional lawyers

I was very happy with the outcome, very professional lawyers, responsive sort all issues regarding to law matters. I have been with them years. Good Quality of customers service with great customers satisfaction. They are hardworking staff and work with deadline to get all matters resolved. You walk out of door being so happy.

Sahar Ali Assad

Great services provided

Finally we have found our Lawyer Tatiana who can help us with any of our issues – business related or personal, big or small, just an advice over the phone/email or business meeting in the office. Whatever suits us. Highly recommended.

Anna Ahmed

Highly competent

We are so lucky to have found a legal firm that truly cares about their clients and puts our needs first! Absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for highly competent and customer focused legal representation.

Velina Mieli

Recommend to anyone I know

I had the best possible outcome and I know this was due to the hard work and care that went into preparing my case. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know!

Kristie Nowacki

Knowledge & professionalism

I was pleased with their efficiency, knowledge and professionalism throughout the whole experience. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome at court today.


Great work ethnics

Very happy with my experience. Great work ethnics and professional service!! Thank you!

Sheryl Yu

Timely advice on shareholders

Tatiana Stack gave timely advice on shareholders and share sale agreement in respect of prospective business acquisition.Thank you for your assistance Tatiana.

Michael Lin

Efficient & affordable results

Tatiana is knowledgeable, professional and efficient in her approach to cases, I would recommend her services to anyone requiring positive, efficient and affordable results.


Quick & professional service

Very happy with their quick and professional service in arranging our wills.

Rosa Di Santo

Value for money

Excellent service, great advice, value for money unlike other money grabbing solicitors. They really care.

James Smith

Great work

I would highly recommend them and will keep on using them from my legal matters, thank you for all the great work.

Frank Batticciotto

Reputable law firm

They are a class act and would highly recommend this company for people who are looking for genuine, honest and reputable law firm. Thank you, I am forever grateful.

Darren Goddard

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