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Shore Lawyers provided excellent service and a hassle-free settlement of my first property purchase. This was my first property. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact they kept me abreast with all developments, advised me, negotiated with the other party and when the bill came it was as promised a fixed price as initially discussed. I couldn’t thank them enough to have spent so much time and effort to navigate through a difficult settlement.
Ana Khomenko
Tatiana Stack has assisted me with obtaining a favourable settlement in a very difficult parenting and property case. I am very happy with the final outcome. After some stressful years in the Family law court, Tatiana became my support and happy to say very privileged to now be my friend. Her intelligence, attention to detail and never ending positive encouragement kept me sane. Just a totally brilliant lawyer. Thank you Tatiana Forever grateful.
Susie Maroney (OAM)
Shore Lawyers have helped us to navigate through the terms of an exclusive product distribution agreement with complex intellectual property holdings. We found Tatiana Stack professional, very helpful and knowledgeable.
Mark Senchenko
Tatiana Stack reviewed numerous service, employment and other standard contracts for our organisation. Shore Lawyers are professionals in the true sense, excellent at setting expectations and often exceeds them.
Claudia Couzi
Shore Lawyers have achieved a consent position with an institutional trustee to proceed with the vesting of the whole of the trust in one of a number of entitled beneficiaries by requiring the trustee to act appropriately in the face of the trustee being in a conflict of interest position and using negotiation tactics to bring about the desired outcome and avoiding costly litigation.
Julie Meier
Tatiana Stack has achieved an excellent result for us in a complex trust property holding case by obtaining a favourable ruling from the Office of State Revenue and clearing the title of property off adverse affectations.
Brian Mazur

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